On why I even started...

I have thought about starting my own blog for a long time now, but I never really got into that. I have always feared that it is gonna be difficult to install or my life is not interesting enough... However, I have a million thoughts in my head and thousand new ideas every day. Plus, I am a creative person by nature, so I kind of need an outlet for all of my current weather. Never being a social media person in particular, I also feared that I could share too much of my personal information or that some people may make fun of me or something. Well, things have changed for me now. Life is so short, so why sitting around and waiting for wonders and fairies, when you can create it your own.


But: Let me clarify one thing! I don't claim that this page is going to be perfect. I am no native speaker and this project was created out of nowhere at 2 am (which is also the time I am tiping this entry right now). I am simply going to let my passion free and my thoughts unraveled. And yes, lots of my pictures are from Pinterest (aka best plattform ever created). My life is not that aesthetic. I just want you to know that most of my visuals are not gonna be my oroginal but someting from the godsent plattform Pinterest. 


Let's get to know each other, shall we?


I am a 20 years old girl living in germany and trying to make the best out of life. I have currently finished my A-level exams and now I am waiting for my results to come. As a hobby, I dance ballet (non-professionaly) and sing (sometimes). I also have discovered the world of literature, but have almost abandoned it. Now that I have lots of time on my hands, I can let that fire ignite though. 

The most fascinating in books is probably the whole new perspective on things, the new world, new experiences, new knowledge. So much to encounter... I can get very negligible of reading, yet, I am trying hard not to fall into old habits again and just read those damn books from my reading list that have been sitting there for months. Unfortunately, I can't give you any base knowledge on literature (I plan on studying medicine) and haven't read that many books by far. However, the world of learning is big and precious, which I intend to enter. I have thoughts on books I have read, which I would love to share with you as there is no one in my real life I can share them with.


I hope, you will have greate fun scrolling through my blog and following me on my journey. I'll see you on my next page, whatever it might be ;)

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